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2023-05 Year 5 DT Day at Pangbourne College

On Thursday 25th May Year 5 took part in a Design and Technology workshop at Pangbourne College where they created their own watches. It was a fantastic day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


2023 Year 5 Learn about Alan Turing

Year 5 have been learning about Alan Turing and used Clipchamp and their IT skills to produce some videos about his life.

Please click here to see some of the videos they made.


2023 Year 5 Easter Egg Hunt at Denefield

On Wednesday 29th March Year 5 went to Denefield for an Easter Egg Hunt. They explored the school site, found clues and completed challenges. We also saw lots of ex-Long Lane pupils around the school.



2023 Year 5 Trip to Milestones Museum

On Thursday 23rd March Year 5 went to Milestones Museum to reinforce their learning about WW2. They learnt what life was like on the Home Front - the roles of ARP Wardens, volunteer nurses and shopkeepers who were required to enforce rationing. They visited the 1940s sweet shop for their weekly ration and had time to explore the rest of the museum. Fantastic knowledge from all when answering questions.


2023 Year 5 visit Denefield School for languages Morning

On Monday 6th March Year 5 went up to Denefield School for a languages morning. One group tried German whilst the other group learnt about the Hungry Caterpillar in French. Amazing attitudes and engagement by all!!


2023 Year 5 WW2 Evacuation Day

Year 5 were evacuated on Monday 23rd January - they experienced life in a World War Two school including military drill, cookery, arithmetic, handwriting as well as trying spam and corned beef!


KS2 Christmas Party

For Years 3,4,5 and 6.

2022 Year 5 at the Waterside Centre

On 7th & 8th July Year 5 had a brilliant two days, on the River Thames, at the  Wokingham Waterside Centre. They enjoyed lots of different water activities including: dragon boats, raft building, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and team games. Great fun had by all!


2022 Year 5 DT Day at Pangbourne College


On Thursday 16th June Year 5 attended a brilliant Design and Technology workshop at Pangbourne College. They design and made a watch. This involved drawing the design, using tools to cut, file and polish the watch mount and then decorating it. Everyone produced a fantastic watch which they took home with them. The children were a real credit to Long Lane, a thoroughly enjoyable day for all.

2022 Year 5 & 6 Visitors from Ancient Greece & Egypt

On Monday 13th June Year 5 and 6 had an ancient visitor  - they travelled back in time to the Egyptian and Greek periods. 

2022 Year 5 Easter Egg Hunt at Denefield School

On 31st March Year 5 had a fun morning at Denefield School on an Easter Egg Hunt. They worked in teams with support from two or three Denefield pupils to do activities located around the school and collect eggs.

The activities included: bench ball, netball, geography quiz, egg drop, building a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, decorating biscuits and many more.

The hunt was won by the team with the most Easter eggs - there was a draw as 3 teams had collected 21 eggs!!

It was a great way for the Year 5s to explore Denefield School and to meet up with ex Long Lane pupils.

2022 Year 5 Trip to Milestones Museum

On Tuesday 15th March Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Milestones Museum. They really enjoyed learning more about WW2. The highlight of the day was using ration books to purchase old fashioned sweets from the sweet shop.

2022 Year 5 WW2 Evacuation Day

It's Tuesday 25th January 1940 and Year 5 have been evacuated. They travelled by train to their new home and met their teacher.
Life is very different for them being away from home and food is rationed. They were lucky to have some tinned spam and corned beef to share. The local land girl, from the village, taught them how to make tasty cakes using carrots.

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