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Our School Ethos at Long Lane 

At Long Lane we believe that education encompasses many areas and includes many aspects of real life. We are strongly committed to providing an extended family ethos to our pupils, families and wider stakeholders.   

We understand that values are at the core of a successful establishment and that we, as staff and leaders are the role models by which these values are realised for our children to embrace them. We strongly believe in collaboration with staff, parents and children and actively ask your opinion to support us with the decisions that we make.  

As parents, you are the experts of your child and as educators we are the experts of how to support each child, as the individual they are, through the many opportunities that we offer.  

Above all, we aim to provide a safe, respectful and supportive learning environment for all that enables all learners to feel valued, supported and challenged to reach their full potential within a caring community. Our children are encouraged to become confident and independent learners through a ‘love of learning’ where talents are recognised and high personal and academic standards can be achieved.  

We promote a therapeutic approach to promoting pro-social behaviours which is rooted in empathy and a passion for doing the right thing for the right reason therefore becoming good citizens of the future.  

Our curriculum offers opportunities for all types of learners and ensures that ‘no learner is left behind’ through active learning, a varied and practical curriculum which champions inclusion and challenge.  

We are so proud of the ways in which our teachers teach and our children learn that we can offer parents opportunities to visit our school in action through our ‘Parent Learning Tours’. This is an excellent way to get stakeholders involved in the intricate workings of a school and be able to see for themselves the quality education that we provide at Long Lane.